What is Business Ethics Summit

Today, all companies are called upon to reflect on their ability to manage the onset of ethical dilemmas that may affect their decision-making process. Applying certain ethical and moral principles to the corporate dimension can help create attractive businesses both internally and externally and inspire the transformation of the business into the engine of sustainable and equitable economic growth. In this context, Business Ethics Summit aims at analyzing the theme of ethics applied to business through the comparison and analysis of best practices and case studies.

2nd Summit 2024

The Event

The second edition of Business Ethics Summit, the international event on Ethics applied to business, will take place in the Vatican City, on the premises of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, on Tuesday 4 June 2024, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Business Ethics Summit is a one-day event organized with the academic partnership of Boston College.


The Summit aims at proposing an overview on ethical and moral principles to explore how companies can be ethically led according to the guiding principle “from growth to prosperity”, which brings the concept of financial growth back into a human dimension.


The Summit will engage 70 high profile international contributorsincluding CEOs, representatives of the Vatican, academic lecturers, and the most relevant institutional stakeholders to share their visions on business ethics. The format involves three minutes interventionfor each participant in order to provide a highly interactive debate. The collective knowledge shared by the participants will inform an innovative case studyon how to implement ethical principles in the workplace.



Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City

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